Local Channel Advertising

Our local channel offers residents and businesses an alternative means to advertising that fits their budgets. Our ads include but are not limited to:

  • Current Events: community activities, fundraiser suppers, bake/craft sales, auctions, etc.
  • Personal Announcements:  birthday and anniversary wishes, new baby arrivals, etc.
  • Classifieds:  for sale, for rent or wanted ads, available real estate, election campaign, etc.
  • Business Ads:  current sales and promotional ad displays, general services ad, new business, now hiring, etc.
  • Community news:  church bulletins, school news and activity board, local community group meetings, etc.

Anyone and any business can benefit from Corn Belt Telephone Local Channel Advertising.

  • Ads YOU control!
  • Keep customers aware of weekly/monthly/yearly sales and promotions!
  • 24/7 loop advertising, as opposed to once a week.
  • Reach many people at the same time! Every cable subscriber in Wall Lake and Lake View have access.
  • Inexpensive!! Fits every budget.

Standard advertising rates : $5.00 per ad/week @ the standard air time of 10 seconds per cycle.

Get even MORE for your money and add these features:

  • Multiple screens – additional $5 per screen per week.
  • Make your add pause for double the standard air time – additional $5 a week per additional 10 seconds.

Check out some of these ads from past advertisers:

Local Channel Ad Example 3 JPEG
$5.00 – 10 second air time every 10 minutes for 7 days.

Local Channel Ad Example 2 JPEG $10.00 – 20 second air time every 10 minutes for 7 days.

Local Channel Ad Example 4 JPEG
$10.00 – This ad had two different screens to it. 10 second air time on 2 screens every 10 minutes for 7 days. (fit more information into your ad!)

Click here  to submit your ad online!  You will be billed for your ad on the next billing cycle.  Please indicate how many weeks you would like your ad to run. Not sure what you want to put in your advertisement? No Problem! Our professional designers will put it together for you.  Just be sure to include pertinent information and images (if any) with your ad submission.  Questions?  Contact us here!