Fiber Optic Gig-Certified High Speed Internet in Wall Lake, Lake View and Carnarvon

Super fast, super reliable Fiber Optic High Speed Internet.

If you live in town, you most likely have access to our Fiber Optic system! Our fast and reliable Fiber Optic High Speed Internet is the best way to go! To get set up today, call us at 712-664-2221, stop by our office, or download our application!

Have a business that requires speeds faster than 30 Mbps? Call us!


Fixed Wireless 3.65 High Speed Internet in Rural Sac, W. Calhoun and N. Carroll Counties

Improved Fixed Wireless Internet now with Faster Speeds!

If you are not in town, don’t fret, we may still be able to help you! Our Fixed Wireless 3.65 Point to Point Internet is a great option for rural residents! With speeds up to 15 Mbps (based on location), a whole new world of opportunities are available to you! If you don’t have a fiber option available, let us test your home or office for a signal from our Wireless Towers. Testing for signal strength is always FREE! Call us today @ 712-664-2221 or fill out our handy Fixed Wireless Signal Test to see if our Fixed Wireless 3.65 High Speed Internet is available at your location!

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Seasonal residents may request a disconnect to their services. A hook up fee of $9.95 will be applied for re-connection when they return, per household.

No equipment to rent!
Provide your own Wireless Router or purchase one from us!

Not sure what type of Wireless Router you may need? See our handy “Choosing your Wireless Router” Guide.

Use of our Internet Services is governed by the netINS Acceptable Use Policy


*In the best interest of service quality, Corn Belt Telephone has adopted these practices in regard to High Speed Internet Service Features. We ask our customers to acknowledge these practices within our application for service.