Self Troubleshooting

Self Troubleshooting

Easy Fixes for Common Issues

It can be frustrating when things are not working as they should.

Here are a few tips and resources to help you troubleshoot.

It can be frustrating when things are not working as they should.

Here are a few tips and resources to help you troubleshoot.

If You Are Not Receiving Any Phone Calls

If you are not receiving any phone calls and people tell you that "they just get a busy signal when they call you", check to make sure all of your phones are hung up and on the hook properly.  Don't forget to check all of your cordless phones to make sure they are properly shut off.


If the Channels Are Fuzzy on ALL of Your TV's

Make sure your battery backup is plugged in and has power to it.  The battery backup is a white box, approximately 9" x 7" and it generally located in your basement of a utility room.  It says "Cyberpower" on the box.  Our Fiber is powered through this box.


If the Channels Are Fuzzy on Only 1 of Your TV's and Not the Others

Make sure your connections to that TV are on tight.


If Your Internet is Not Working and You Are On Our Fiber

Check the battery backup to make sure it is plugged in.

If that has power, unplug your router and leave it unplugged for 10 to 20 seconds.  Plug it back in and see if internet comes back on.  You may have to do this more than once and you may have to restart your computer/laptop/phone/tablet or other connected devices.  If you are constantly having to unplug your router, it may be time for a new router.


If Your Internet is Not Working and You Are a Wireless 3.65 Customer

    1. Unplug your router from the electrical outlet.
    2. Unplug your power supply from the electrical outlet.
    3. Wait 10 to 20 seconds and plug both back in.


If You Think You May Have a Router Issue

We would like you to bypass your router and see if you have internet while directly connected.

Remove the Ethernet cord from the back of your router and plug it directly into your laptop/computer.  If you have internet while connected that way, then we know it is your router causing the problem.


If Your Internet is Running Very Slow

Count how many devices you have running that are pulling bandwidth.  The more devices you have running, the slower your internet speed will be.  Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Kindles, Nooks, Netflix, Smart TV's, Alexa, Smart Home Thermostats, Wifi Printers, Gaming Consoles and similar all pull bandwidth, some even when they are in "rest mode".  We ask that you do a speed test to determine what speed is coming into your home.  To do the speed test accurately, make sure all your devices are shut off except the computer you are using to perform the test.  This will give a true account of the speed.  Go to and record the speeds it give you.  This will aid in the troubleshooting of the problem.


If You are a Seasonal Customer

Check to make sure your battery backup is plugged in when you return.  Many Seasonal Customers unplug their battery when they close down their home for the season.  If you do not plug it back in when you return, services will not work.  All of our services are powered through the battery backup.

*** There are two models of battery backup boxes out there.  The older model is described up above and should have 2 green lights when working properly.   "AC" and "OUTPUT" should bother have green lights.  The newer model is a little smaller, 7" x 7", is white and says "Cyberpower" but when working properly should only have one green light under "SYSTEM STATUS".



Still Not Working?

Anytime you have a problem, please do not hesitate to call our office at 712-664-2221.  We will be happy to help you troubleshoot or have one of our technicians come out to assist you.  If you're calling on a weekend, please leave a message with your name, address, phone number and a brief description of your problem and one of our techs will contact you shortly.

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