04/30/20 Cable Channel Lineup Change.

CBT Welcomes ShopHQ and notes Position Change for WGN.


In order to fulfill contractual obligations, WGN, currently channel 10 on all CBT Lineups, will be moving to channel position 98.  This change will take effect on May 1st, 2020.  We are happy to be able to keep WGN on our Lineup and pleased to announce a new network will be settling in on channel 10, ShopHQ!

ShopHQ is an ultra-fun, digital retailer offering exciting brands and unique products to customers around the country. Their television network delivers entertainment shopping to millions of homes while their ever-growing mobile, online and social channels invite you shop, share and smile the day away.  ShopHQ merchandise extends across many popular categories, making them a go-to destination and authority for Jewelry, Watches, Home and Food, Fashion, Beauty, Health and Fitness, Electronics, and more.

Their shoppers are active and loyal. With 24/7-access to hosts and guest experts, they work hard to create a fun place where you can come to learn, laugh, purchase your favorite products and discover new and exclusive items that can only be found at ShopHQ.

Their live TV programming reaches over 87 million US homes via cable affiliates and satellite with company headquarters, broadcast facilities, and customer service located in Eden Prairie, MN, and a distribution and customer service call center located in Bowling Green, KY

Learn more at www.shophq.com/.

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