The History of Corn Belt Telephone

The History of Corn Belt Telephone

Corn Belt Telephone is a local telecommunications provider for Wall Lake, Lake View, Carnarvon, Auburn and Sac City, Iowa. Our services have extended throughout the years to include, local and long distance telephone services, cable television, high speed internet, and local advertising. (not all services are available in all areas)  In addition to our now Certified Gig-Capable Fiber Optic Network in Wall Lake and Carnarvon, Iowa, we also operate an extensive Fiber Optic System in Lake View and Sac City Iowa, as well as deploy Wireless 3.65 Internet from several towers around the Sac, Western Calhoun and Northern Carroll County areas.

Corn Belt Telephone Company, Inc.

Independent Telephone Companies - "Independent Telephone Companies"

is an Independent Telephone Company born from the union of Wall Lake Switching, Wall Lake Telephone, and sixteen other rural lines in 1961.  Back then, we were "The Talk of the Town", and now, we're happy to be "Serving All of Your Communication Needs"!

A member of the Iowa Communications Alliance, a group of more than 130 community based telecommunications providers who offer broadband, telephone and digital television service to rural Iowans, Corn Belt Telephone Company, Inc. has led the charge in Wall Lake to bring our community better telecommunications and fast, reliable broadband connections.

Corn Belt Telephone Co., Inc. joined forces with Iowa Network Services, (INS) paving the way to bring internet services to Wall Lake in 1995.  INS, an assembly of 127 Independent Telecommunications Companies in Iowa, strives to provide “centralized equal access” services throughout the state. From this centralized solution, local telephone companies like us, are able to connect our communities to long distance carriers and statewide fiber optic voice and data networks.

In 1999, we purchased Cable Television from the City of Wall Lake to create the trifecta of services our customers have come to love! – “Independent Telephone Companies”

Now providing Telephone, Internet and Cable TV, Corn Belt Telephone Company, Inc. formed a CLEC, (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) in 2005 that is known as, Corn Belt Communications, Inc. Serving the City of Lake View, Iowa, Corn Belt Communications, Inc. originally offered only Cable TV Services.  Our Fiber to the Home Project, which began in 2008, aimed to change that!  Upon completion of the fiber project, services in Lake View grew to include Internet and Phone as well.

We continued our Fiber to the Home project in rural Wall Lake in 2010, to bring all of our services to our neighbors in the outlaying country areas of town.  Today, we also provide Wireless Internet Services in rural areas of Auburn, Lake View, and Sac City.

As the industry continues to grow and change, and the way that we communicate does too, we will maintain being your Independent Telephone Company "helping you reach all America".