Seasonal Customers

Available to our Seasonal Customers

Seasonal Disconnect Services

Corn Belt Telephone offers a seasonal disconnect and reconnect service for our seasonal customers!

How Does It Work?

It’s easy!

Let us know when you would like to resume service by giving us a call at 712-664-2221 or submitting the Seasonal Customer Return Form on our website.  We will reconnect your services for a fee of $9.95 and have them ready for you when you arrive! Save yourself some time and money by seasonally suspending all or some of your services when you leave by calling us again at 712-664-2221 or submitting the Seasonal Customer Departure Form on our website.

Please submit your Return Request at least 24 hours prior to the time you would like services to resume.

If you were previously on auto pay, those services will also resume.

This service is for Seasonal Customers only.  As of 01/01/17, Seasonal Disconnects will occur only on the billing cycle of the 15th of the month.  Please keep this in mind when you are planning to disconnect for the season.  Service Connection should be for a reasonable amount of time and not be excessive.  If excessive re-connection occurs, you may be charged our standard installation fee of $59.95.

Online Form: Seasonal Customer Return Form

Online Form: Seasonal Customer Departure Form