Calling Features

Calling Features

Call Waiting: A service that alerts someone using the phone to an incoming call and allows switching between conversations. $2.00/mth

Caller ID: A service that alerts someone of the incoming caller's phone number. $3.00/mth

Call Waiting/Caller ID: A 3-Feature service that will allow you to see who is trying to call you while you are on another call. Your Caller ID box or compatible phone will display the caller's name and number (if available), so you may decide whether or not to switch over to the incoming call. $5.00/mth

Call Forwarding: A service that enables a customer to have an incoming call automatically rerouted to another line. $2.00/mth (fixed) $3.00/mth (variable)

Teen/Distinctive Line*: A service that assigns two separate numbers to one line. One of the lines issued will have a different ring pattern for specific phone numbers that call you. $2.00/mth

Off Premise Extension: A telephone in a remote location that is treated as an ordinary extension phone. $5.00/mth

1 Digit Speed Dial: A feature that allows you to store up to 8 numbers for quick dialing. $1.00/mth

2 Digit Speed Dial: A feature that allows you to store up to 30 numbers for quick dialing. $2.00/mth

Three-Way Calling: A service that allows one line to conference with two other calls at the same time. $2.00/mth

Voice Mail: A service that allows your phone to still receive messages when one line is busy, occupied by the internet or when electricity is out. Messages are less likely to be accidentally erased. $2.00/mth

Phone Rental: $1.00/mth per phone

*Customer Application must be signed prior to hook up

** Caller ID service is susceptible to fraud. Using a practice known as “Caller ID spoofing,” disreputable parties can deliberately falsify the telephone number relayed as the Caller ID number to disguise the identity and originator of the call. Congress is currently considering new laws that would make this practice a crime and permit law enforcement authorities to take action against spoofers. (More information is available at