03/26/18 Local Lifesaving Services Get Funds Boost

Lake View Ambulance Service Receives Grant.

A Charity Grant was awarded Monday from Aureon and Corn Belt Telephone Company to Lake View Ambulance Services. $1500.00 was granted to the organization. Aureon and Corn Belt Telephone Company are committed to advancing Iowan communities. Thank you, First Responders and support team for all you do for our community!

Pictured left to right:  Lee Wuebker, General Manager of Corn Belt Telephone Company, representing Lake View Ambulance Services, Chris Rodman and Gaila Hayes of Aureon.

03/02/18 Sprucing it Up

Have you heard?!📢

We just love spreading the word about CBT Phone Service!  Did you know you can now switch your phone service to Corn Belt AND keep your ‘657’ phone number?! 📞 It’s true and it’s super easy!  

Bundle, bundle, bundle!  😎

Bundle your CBT Cable TV, Internet and Phone Service for the best value!  Have two services with CBT (Phone + Internet or Cable TV + Internet) and get 5 Mbps Internet for the price of 3 Mbps Internet! Have all three services with CBT (Phone + Internet + Cable TV) and get 10 Mbps Internet for the price of 3 Mbps Internet!  Just another benefit to consolidating all of your communication needs with Corn Belt Telephone.

P.S., we have Long Distance service too!

Doesn’t our Lake View building look nice with its new banner?
Call us at our office, 664-2221 and we will help get you started.   Don’t delay, switch today!


02/28/18 Cable TV Customers May See Brief Disruptions

It’s Solar Conjunction time again!

If you notice some interference with any of your CBT Cable TV Channels the next week or so, it is most likely due to Solar Conjunction. Interference may include audio, video or both.
Twice a year this phenomenon occurs when the sun passes directly behind satellites transmitting cable tv signals. When the sun is aligned with a satellite, solar radiation interferes with the satellite’s signal and thus causes a brief signal outage. Not to worry though, this outage typically only lasts a few minutes (between 5 and 45) and mostly occurs between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
This round of Solar Conjunction should end on or around March 9th. We apologize for the inconvenience, however this phenomenon is universal and beyond current technical control. If you have any questions about Solar Conjunction, feel free to contact us.